miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2015

✿ Flowers Lady's* Workshop mit NATALIA HASSAN ❀

Flowers Lady's

The proposal of this seminar is to start having fun when we are dancing from the beginning to the end of each song with the capacity to control in the correct way our energy.
In this seminar dedicated only to the womens, we will focus through exercises and the theory, in our axis, posture, beauty and how to change weight in the proper way without anticipate mens movements , and also we are going to see the dynamics of the embellishments and where is the right moments to use them, it is very important to know that the basics elements like ocho, walking, boleos and giros into tango must be solid to have a good base, so this also would be part of the theme.
Are you ready to bloom?
Natalia Hassan.

Please bring tango shoes, comfortable clothing and socks.

▲Limited Capacity▲

*Anmeldung NUR per E-Mail
Kontakt: tangolovetango@gmail.com

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